New York State Security Guard Certification Class

Program Overview:

The New York State Security Guard Certification Class is designed to provide individuals with the training and knowledge necessary to become licensed security guards in New York. This program covers essential security, law, and safety topics to ensure participants are well-prepared to perform their duties responsibly and professionally.

Program Duration: The program typically lasts 8 to 16 hours, depending on the requirements of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

Curriculum Highlights:

  1. Introduction to the Security Industry:
    • Overview of the role and responsibilities of a security guard.
  2. Legal Powers and Limitations:
    • Understanding a security guard’s legal authority and limitations, including arrest powers and use of force.
  3. Ethics and Professional Conduct:
    • Training in ethical behavior, confidentiality, and maintaining a professional demeanor.
  4. Emergency Response Procedures:
    • Protocols for responding to emergencies, including evacuations and communication strategies.
  5. Fire Prevention and Safety:
    • Identification of fire hazards, fire prevention measures, and the proper use of fire extinguishers.
  6. Access Control and Patrol Procedures:
    • Techniques for controlling access to premises, conducting patrols, and maintaining a visible presence.
  7. Communication Skills:
    • Practical verbal and written communication skills, including radio communication protocols.
  8. Public Relations:
    • Interaction with the public, conflict resolution, and customer service skills.
  9. Report Writing:
    • Proper documentation and report writing skills for incident reporting.
  10. Use of Technology:
    • Familiarization with security technology, such as surveillance systems and access control systems.
  11. First Aid and CPR Certification:
    • Basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to respond to medical emergencies.
  12. Anti-Terrorism Awareness:
    • Recognition of potential terrorist activities and procedures for reporting suspicious behavior.

Certification Examination: Participants may be required to pass a certification examination to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the class.

Application Process: Guidance on the application process for obtaining a New York State security guard license, including fingerprinting and background checks.

Target Audience: Individuals seeking to become licensed security guards in New York.

Instructor Support: Experienced instructors provide guidance, answer questions, and clarify course material.

Resource Materials: Access to relevant handbooks, manuals, and reference materials provided by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Upon completing the New York State Security Guard Certification Class and the required licensing process, participants are eligible to work as licensed security guards and contribute to the safety and security of various establishments in the state.

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