1. Course Title: Advanced Digital Marketing with WordPress, Freelancing, and Entrepreneur Strategies

      Course Description:

      This comprehensive course is designed for aspiring digital marketers who wish to harness the power of WordPress, master digital media creation and content management systems (CMS), delve into Google Analytics, and explore freelancing avenues, all while adhering to New York State (NYS) rules and regulations.

      Course Highlights:

      Module 1: Digital Marketing Foundations

      • Understanding the digital marketing landscape
      • Importance of an online presence
      • Critical concepts in SEO, social media, and email marketing

      Module 2: WordPress Mastery

      • Setting up a WordPress website from scratch
      • Customizing themes, layouts, and functionalities
      • Advanced content creation and management
      • SEO optimization for WordPress websites

      Module 3: Digital Media Creation

      • Introduction to graphic design principles
      • Hands-on experience using Canva and Photoshop for digital media creation
      • Incorporating visuals into digital marketing strategies

      Module 4: Content Management Systems (CMS)

      • Overview of different CMS platforms
      • Understanding the role of CMS in digital marketing
      • Hands-on experience with other CMS platforms beyond WordPress

      Module 5: Google Analytics for Insightful Marketing

      • Setting up Google Analytics for websites
      • Analyzing website traffic and user behavior
      • Utilizing data-driven insights for effective marketing strategies

      Module 6: Freelancing in the Digital World (NYS Rules)

      • Understanding the gig economy and freelancing trends
      • Navigating legal and regulatory considerations for freelancers in New York State
      • Building a personal brand and online presence
      • Creating a freelance business plan

      Module 7: Setting Up a WordPress Freelance Business

      • Crafting a professional portfolio website using WordPress
      • Pricing strategies and invoicing techniques
      • Client communication and project management
      • NYS regulations for freelance businesses

      Module 8: Freelancing Best Practices

      • Effective client acquisition and retention
      • Time management and productivity tips
      • Networking in the digital space
      • Navigating taxes and financial considerations for freelancers in NYS

      Module 9: Showcase of a Freelancer

      • Students present their WordPress-based freelance projects
      • Peer and instructor feedback
      • Insights from guest speakers in the freelancing field

      Module 10: Final Project

      • Applying the acquired knowledge to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan
      • Developing a freelancer business plan
      • Certification and recognition for successful completion

      This course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in digital marketing, WordPress proficiency, digital media creation, and freelancing, all while ensuring compliance with New York State freelancer regulations. The hands-on approach, real-world projects, and adherence to ethical guidelines make this course a valuable asset for anyone aspiring to thrive in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.


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